Warmongers mongering your Tea Party?

Set them straight about free markets and non-aggression with Ron Paul Peace blimps

Greenbackers heckling your Fed Occupation?

Teach them about voluntary exchange and non-aggression with Ron Paul Sound Money blimps

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Blimp FAQs

Answers to nuts and bolts questions to help you captain your own fleet of Ron Paul Peace & Sound Money blimps:


Where can I buy helium to fill up my blimps?

I called the flower departments of two big chain grocery stores nearby and both will fill balloons with helium for 50 cents a piece. Also, the CVS drug store said they do it too. But Walgreens said they don't.

Also, I didn't know this until I got into the biz, but there's this whole party supply store industry out there and they will fill your balloons too. There are chain stores like Party City and all sorts of independents.

These stores will also sell you a tank that will fill 50 regular latex balloons (about 30 blimps from my experience) for about $35. So, if you have a bunch of balloons to fill all at once and can do it ahead of time its cheaper to bring them to the girl at your local party store and she will do them all for 50 cents a piece and put nice curly ribbons on them for you too if you want.


How long will my blimp sail after its initial helium fill up?

Each blimp should remain airborn for about 2 weeks before any signs of weariness set in. Often they will teeter on the brink of sinking for several days or even weeks more. At that point, sometimes if you untether them in the house, they will suspend themselves in the air and flow with the currents and may scare your cats.


Can I refill my blimps after the helium finally leaks out of them?

Yes! Although the blimps are fragile as a result of their needing to be super lightweight enough to float for 2+ weeks, they can be re-filled over and over if you take care of them and don't damage their air sockets.


What is "bad helium"?

I was telling the girl at my local party store about how I would refill my blimps using the tank she sold me by just adding more helium to the slightly deflated and sinking blimps and how sometimes the additional helium would re-invigorate the blimp for another week or two and other times the additional helium didn't succeed in raising the blimp into the air at all.

She explained to me that often you can get away with adding an extra dose of helium to a balloon after it deflates and sinks for the first time. But usually once it sinks again, too much of the remaining gas is what the pros in the biz call "bad helium" and you must squeeze out all the gas in the blimp before you refill with the nice pure good stuff.


How do I squeeze the "bad helium" from my blimp before refilling it with the good stuff?

This can be tricky. First of all, just filling the blimps initially by hand if you have to do it yourself with one of those $35 dollar tanks can be a challenge if you're a klutz like me. Sticking the nozzle in the right fold between the different layers can be difficult.

Whether you're trying to fill a blimp up for the first time or trying to let the gas out of it later, I think the thing to do first is to gently probe within the air socket opening with a long straw so you can open up the long neck that's inside the blimp. If you get the straw all the way through the inner neck, then you can gently squeeze the old gas out of it. The girls at the party store all seem to be pretty good at it.