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25 Foot Peace Blimp

25 Foot Peace Blimp

Product Type: Blimps

Manufacturer: Blimpotronic Designs

Price: $0.00


The old peaceblimps.com website raised several thousand dollars and I think they produced one Peace Blimp a few years ago. The url peaceblimp.com currently redirects to peacerally.org an Australian blog. Maybe they could help us get a good deal on that original blimp.
ronpaulblimp (singular) .com still has their page up advertising "Ron Paul Mini-Blimps" in 11, 14, 17, and 20 foot denominations.
Here's the link: ronpaulblimp.com
Or add this zero ($0.00) priced item to your cart and we will see if we can contact the peacerally.org people or Trevor or whoever is managing ronpaulblimp.com nowadays and we can see how we can produce us some 25 foot blimps.

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